Craft Southern Barbecue

in the San Francisco Bay Area


You wouldn't be too far off describing barbecue as indulging in delicious meats. That's why it's important to start with the highest quality product possible. Our natural meats are locally sourced from Golden Gate Meat Co. and are dry rubbed with our secret blend of spices (ask and we just might let you know what's in it).

Our meats are carefully smoked up to 18 hours with only wood-fire in one of our commercial smokers. We use a custom blend of oak, pecan, and applewood to impart a rich smoky and sweet flavor to our meats. The evidence is in the smoke rings you'll see when you savor your first bite. 


At Capelo's Barbecue, you can enjoy our food from our traveling Gourmet Food Truck in the San Francisco Bay Area or through one of our catering events. We're passionate about perfecting our craft, we're more than just a pitmaster, call us Barbecue Craftsmen.