Pitmaster John Capelo brings Southern Barbecue to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Owner and "Boss of Barbecue" John Capelo grew up in Harlingen and you can trace his passion of barbecue back to his roots in Texas. While running his catering business over 6 years ago, he noticed a lack of quality Southern Barbecue in the Bay Area. With visits back to his family's new home in the Hill Country of Texas where Central Texas Barbecue reigns supreme, John was inspired to start experimenting with different woods, meat, and sauces.

Barbecue is a labor of love and perfection can only come from sleepless nights and weekends mastering this craft. With briskets taking up to 18 hours to smoke, you can only get quality results from someone who knows what they're doing. In 2012 and the food truck revolution in full swing (and smoking meats becoming second nature now), John saw an opportunity to spread his passion for barbecue to food lovers all around the Bay Area. He's more than just a pitmaster, John is truly a craftsman that is constantly pushing himself to ensure that people taste and experience true Southern Barbecue whether its their first time or they've been eating it all their lives.

To us quality means everything. We take great pride in what we make and serve.
— John Capelo

Meet the Team

                                                             Jennifer                                                  Events Coordinator


                                               Events Coordinator

                                                                    Eric                                                         Food Production


                                                      Food Production

                                                               Daniel                                                        Master Carver

                                                      Master Carver

                                                                      Sancho                                                            Jack of All Trades

                                                          Jack of All Trades

Meet the Smokers

Big Red

The J&R Oyler 1300 is the "Workhorse of the Barbecue Industry" and was custom made in Mesquite, TX (Dallas). At a gross weight of 6,300 lb, this 18-rack rotisserie smoker is capable of handling loads up to 1,800 lbs. This is the newest addition to our arsenal and we are excited for it help take us to the next level of barbecue greatness!

Black Angus

Cadillac Cookers, "Home of the Best Rotisserie Smokers in the World," custom built our beloved and reliable Black Angus smoker in Sikeston, MO in 2012. With its ten 4 ft racks, this 2,000 lb rotisserie smoker can cook up to 600 lbs of meat at a time. Most of you know our barbecue has been made with love from this primary smoker.


Little Smokey

This was our first smoker and the one that inspired it all for us. Custom built in Fresno, CA, this little beauty is the star of the show at our on-site catering events.